About Us

Oil and Gas Action Network (OGAN) was founded in 2016 to support grassroots movements working to expose how the oil and gas industry deeply impacts communities, public health, our climate, and the planet.

We build on what we know

OGAN was founded by a passionate group of friends with a deep history with global social movements. From working with organizations like 350.org, Greenpeace, Earthworks, and Rainforest Action Network to being immersed in grassroots networks at both local and global levels, we’ve learned how to build people-power, use narrative strategies to shift culture, and effectively use non-violent direct action to support communities and the climate.

We believe in the power of organizing

We focus on strengthening alliances across the climate and environmental justice movement and building grassroots power. By prioritizing organizing and direct action tactics — we can do more than just create policy change — we can empower communities to build a just and equitable society. Let’s win a green and just future for all together!

We help connect our collective power

We believe that social movements are like ecosystems —  they are most successful and impactful when we build deep interconnectedness, resiliency, and resources are shared equitably. OGAN works to center the people most impacted by the fossil fuel industry, and build their leadership.

We Take Action for Climate Justice

Our work takes a people-powered, actions-led approach to social change that seeks to empower communities, directly address issues of equity, amplify the voices and leadership of the frontlines, and build a just world beyond the destruction of fossil fuels. We want healthy communities, green jobs, and room for everyone to make change.

Oil and Gas Action Network is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, tax ID 82-0941015

Battling big oil with grassroots climate justice action across California and beyond.